Saturday, May 10, 2008

jijimuge - "777" (self-released) [3" CD]

This is how it should always be. Short & sweet. And free. And perfect. The person giving it to you should have on a wolf t-shirt, won unironically. Ideally, this person would be from Florida becuz people from Florida are nice. And giving...

You should go home. Take a shower. Change your dirty filthy nasty jock strap for a pair of clean white underwear. Preferably Hanes briefs. The first time you should listen to this should be on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You should be chillin'. Tempering "777" w/ a nice joint, a glass of Beaujolais and a snifter of decent brandy, would be ideal. V.S.O.P. or better. If you have a thriftstoresmokingjacket, put that on too. It will help you get in the mood:

The first seven-minute dreamscape will begin as a wind drone deception, and will probably look and feel sort of kind of like how staring out of the window of a 747 Boeing airplane looks and feels. As soon as your mercury mind begins to wander, subtle washes of organ and feedback take over and the drone becomes larger, noisier and more ambient. The organ sounds will begin to seem under the influence of echo or delay. And invariably, "Man this is the shit i wonder how Charlie made it...," will come to mind.

The second seven-minute dreamscape builds on the promise of the first dreamscape. There is a discernible opening loop, which descends into another loop. Halfway thru there is a scary ass kickdrumnoise and the sounds begin to reach murky swamp land territory. Near the seven minute mark there is a slo-burn crescendo and an abrupt ending. And you'll be like, "Dang, I wish that would have kept going..."

The third and final seven minute dreamscape begins w/ some weird-ass New Age jamrockage. Lucky, these sounds are so sparse and sagepungent that they come no where near Yanni & Enya levels of rainbow crystal wankery. Again, halfway thru, the tide turns and whatever was building doubles, the third "seven" seems less like a Tibetan singing bowl played on the bridge of a guitar and more like aggressive feedback that you'd hope a Danelectro Sitar guitar pedal & an alternate tuning would engender. And again, there's an abruptly ending crescendo at the seven-minute mark.

This 3-inch CD is hella on the grownandsexxxy side; you could easily orgasm to this record if you really really wanted to. Nothing but sophisticated posi-vibes on this moody drone noise expression.

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