Saturday, May 17, 2008

v/a - "freedumb fest 2005 part one." (sounds from the pocket) [DVD-R]

Do you think you’re turning me on by having unsafe sex?" she screams back.

“Oh Christ, this really isn’t worth it, “ I mutter, pulling the condom down so there is half an inch to spare—a little less actually. “And see, Courtney, it’s there for what? Huh? Tell us.” I slap her again, this time lightly. “Why is it pulled down half an inch? So it can catch the force of the ejaculate!”

"Well, it’s not a turn-on for me." She's hysterical, racked with tears, choking. “I have a promotion coming to me. I’m going to Barbados in August and I don’t want a case of Kaposi’s sarcoma to fuck it up!” She chokes, coughing. “Oh god I want to wear a bikini,” she wails. “A Norma Kamali I just bought at Bergdorf’s.”

I grab her head and force her to look at the placement of the condom. “See? Happy? You dumb bitch? Are you happy, you dumb bitch?”

Without looking at my dick she sobs, “Oh god just get it over with,” and falls back down on the bed.

Roughly I push my cock back into her and bring myself to an orgasm so weak as to be almost nonexistent and my groan of a massive but somewhat expected disappointment is mistaken by Courtney for pleasure and momentarily spurs her on as she lies sobbing beneath me on the bed, sniffling, to reach down and touch herself but I start getting soft almost instantly—actually during the moment I came—but if I don’t withdraw from her while still erect she’ll freak out so I hold on to the base of the condom as I literally wilt out of her. After lying there on separate sides of the bed for what might be twenty minutes with Courtney whimpering about Luis and antique cutting boards and the sterling silver cheese grater and muffin tin she left at Harry’s, she then tries to give me head. “I want to fuck you again, “I tell her, “but I don’t want to wear a condom because I don’t feel anything,” and she says calmly, taking her mouth off my limp shrunken dick, glaring at me, “If you don’t use one you’re not going to feel anything anyway.”

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