Sunday, May 11, 2008

v/a - "live @ le chateau noir." (sounds from the pocket) [DVD-R]

But at her apartment she lies naked on her back, her legs—tan and aerobicized and muscular and worked out—are spread and I’m on my knees giving her head while jerking off and in the time since I’ve started licking and sucking on her pussy she’s already come twice and her cunt is tight and hot and wet and I keep it spread open, fingering it with one hand, keeping myself hard with the other. I lift her ass up, wanting to push my tongue into her, but she doesn’t want me to and so I raise my head and reach over to the Portian antique night-stand for the condom that sits in the ashtray from Palio next to the halogen Tensor lamp and the D’Oro pottery urn and I tear the package open with two shiny slick fingers and my teeth, then slip, easily, onto my cock.

“I want you to fuck me,” Courtney moans, pulling her legs back, spreading her vagina even wider, fingering herself, making me suck her fingers, the nails on her hand long and red, and the juice from her cunt, glistening in the light coming from the streetlamps through the Stuart Hall venetian blinds, tastes pink and sweet and she rubs it over my mouth and lips and tongue before it cools.

“Yeah,” I say, moving on top of her, sliding my dick gracefully into her cunt, kissing her on the mouth hard, pushing into her with long fast strokes, my cock, my hips crazed, moving on their own desirous momentum, already my orgasm builds from the base of my balls, my asshole, coming up through my cock so stiff that it aches—but then in mid-kiss I lift my head up, leaving her tongue hanging out of her mouth starting to lick her own red swollen lips, and while still humping but lightly now I realize there…is…a…problem of sorts but I cannot think of what it is right now…but then it hits me while I’m staring at the half-empty bottle of Evian water on the nightstand and I gasp “Oh shit” and pull out.

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