Sunday, August 31, 2008

the column.

usually the last day of august, and not the autumnal equinox, signals the end of the summer for me. it was a good, safe, sober, conservative & informative summer i must say. the first one i've had probably since 1999. a very lazy summer...

apparently there is a 2-6 week noise label mailorder standard. its just how it is. so be patient. but if you cannot be patient, try to order from labels that ship out the same day/week, buy from distros & record stores, cop releases while artists are on tour or file-sharing. this has always worked wonders for me & I have never had any problems. i guess this is how i've always done it, w/ respect to "music consumption." tevs: FREE HBO FOR EVERYBODY!!!

i recently listened to a bedroom improvisation tape made last winter. I was really pleased w/ most of side A. I was really happy w/ the drone parts becuz i am more or less still obsessed w/ drone and "black ambient" stuff. Just really kind of pleased I pulled that off. The aspects I was most displeased w/ were the panning & moving on right before hitting sweet spots. which definitely is like getting off before your partner does. from your partners perspective. Nonetheless, there are some good loops on there & material that can be built upon, so I'm happy about that. There is also an drone improvisation using Bidule, which was my first & only time successfully using computer software.

Fall also ushers forth more than a few "fests." wish i had my shit together, otherwise I would be attending all of them. I'll more than likely be at Freedumb Fest S11, S12 & S13. wish I were going to these:
MegaHz Experimental & Noise Festival O12 & O13. Milwaukee Noise Fest S25, S26, & S27. & Saint Louis Noise Fest O17, O18, &019. In Europa: Colour Out of Space S5. S6, & S7. Winkstock S13. Ultra Eczema Festival S20

Also. Gear Pron is just really really gross. Gear Pron & Googling is probably nastier than a rock or ice addiction. Everything i have is used gear: Ebay/Thrift Store/Garage Sale/Pawn shop et cetera. I even have sort of a (brand) new gear phobia; however, there are a few things I may have to buy I the future new becuz it would be next to impossible to get it used or on ebay. Anyhow, here area few things that I want:

Gear Wish List Addendum:
  • LSDJ + Nanoloop
  • Roland SP-808
  • Peavey Musician 400 amp head
  • Audible Disease Convulsion CN-2
  • Boss Slicer SL-20
  • Bend Matrix
  • Kaoss Pad KP3
okay adios bye-bye...

(RIP Adam Nodelman...)

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