Monday, November 30, 2009

the shortlist.

  • shannon wright. "honeybee girls" (MP3) (vicious circle)
  • samara lubelski. "future slip" (MP3) [estactic Peace!]
  • oneohtrix point never. "zones without people" (CD-R) [arbor]
  • flying lotus. "l.a. 2" EP (MP3) [warp]
  • bats for lashes. "two suns" (MP3) [astralwerks]
  • h.n.y. "dead in a year" (CS) [goaty tapes]
  • big quarters. "from the home of brown babies & white mothers" (CD) [big quarters direct]
  • white rainbow. "new clouds" (MP3) [kranky]
  • broadcast & the focus group. "broadcast and the focus group investigate witch cults of the radio age" (MP3) [warp]
  • memory tapes. "seek magic." (MP3) [sincerely yours]
  • boom blaster. "boom blaster." (12") [rephlex]
  • oneida. "rated o" (MP3) [brah]
  • andy stott. "night jewel" (12") [modern love]
  • zaimph/jenny graf. "live @ utmarken 03-15-09" (CS) [Utmarken]
  • a sunny day in glasgow. "ashes grammar" (LP) [mis ojos discos]


Anonymous said...

Come back to the MRMB please!!! The house got cleaned, it's now a tieeggght joint.

signed, yr friend in pleasure.

hanson ono. said...

seriously. i cannot log-in there. think my account has been deleted.