Monday, June 30, 2008

the column.

so. it's officially summertime, which means a de facto noise hiatus. static-soaked "stacks" and perspiring beer bottles would seem to be de riguer, summer listening-wise (think: "Exile on Mainstreet"...). nonetheless, excepting a desperate craving of anything weird in general and cheesy 80's synths (think M83) in particular abound, guitars rule the scene in the summer. they just do...

late nite. ran noise pedal out to casio drum-machine, sampled that, then pitchshifted. lately i have been into pitchshifting and phasers. perhaps, one day, the fruits of these bedroom experiments will wind up on cassette tape? and maybe two people will hear them? perhaps? we shall see...

"East," the lead track on Psychic Ills' "Dins" LP and "Health & Wellbeing," the last track on side A of Indian Jewelry's ultra-stellar "Invasive Exotics" record are tracks that continually stick out for me. for some indiscernible reason. and i play them a lot. and have been for sometime now. For some reason NY bands do the art-damaged depraved psychedelic (think: the Occasion) noise thing very well . And i think it was Liz Armstrong that said that IJ was the band she wanted to hear in her head while she was having sex. but honestly, IJ is the band i hear in my head whilst super-high on illegal street drugz waking up on the concrete floor in some godforsaken alternative space in some fucked late-capitalist post-industrial wasteland. of course the Throbbing Gristle propulsive urban weirdness can conjure "feelings" of evenfall solace & temporal suspension. it depends really. or maybe this stuff just sounds better on an analog player?

want to move. but not making concrete efforts therewith. eventually this will be resovled.

but alas. i long for autumnal narcissism, the NFL and the colder climes that render the visceral environment for listening to what some call "noise." i also feel i'm old enough to read Proust now. i'll start in september...

summer reading is re-reading "Infinite Jest," which A) yeah i get some of the "jokes" more, B) i appreciate the investigation into addiction and recreational drug use and methinks its hella relevant considering i'm roughly seven months into a tenuous but seemingly easy-going sobriety and C) offers an insightful critique of American media and gross-ass consumerism. or something. so yeah. 'tis good summer reading:

there has also been, for me (not you, silly goose...) , a strong and strange complusion to read Dellilo. either "Libra" or "Underworld." and a two books on mysticism.

and Dr. Who. friday nites. on the SCIFI channel. is the shit. never got into this. before. hmmm yeah guess i'm a fucking--

Bridget Fonda is now my favorite actor. officially. its fucking official.

Monday, June 23, 2008