Monday, April 27, 2009

Write for Vice.

I am actively looking for new writers for Vice,, the Vice blog, etc. I am looking for actual real news reporting (in all arenas) that isn't rehashing information that's already out there, isn't insanely boring, and doesn't take itself so seriously that it will collapse under criticism. Also please be aware that you will be edited, and that you will have to be OK with that.

Don't worry about sounding like "Vice"--that is a myth inside your mind. Sound like you. Pitch me stuff ok? Tell your friends who have ideas, I'll listen to anyone. News, though, OK? That's it. And please don't U2U me or respond to any of my personal accounts. My email address is liza -at- viceland -dot- com

Oh yeah: I pay.

Also, I am looking for an intern. This does not pay. If anyone knows someone living in NYC now or will be soon who knows html and isn't an asshole I will give them special consideration.

One more thing: You do not have to live in this country or only have stories about this country. But information must be presented in English.