Friday, January 17, 2014

+bitterness & longing intheATL+

Devil's Play reversed:  Possibility of spiritual understanding. Devil's Play:  Mushrooms... Colder than as Cold as Ice.  I need a neu calendar w/ moon_phases--

People:  At the GA DDS, last day of 2013:  A Father & his teenager.  He has on ripped jeans & something that resembles a bomber jacket.  She is braces & a beaming smile that obviously says newly-minted driver's license.  They exit & I spy Atlas Shrugged under-his-arm.  Now I have to read it.  That & theTipping Point but both of my copies are in storage  Easy Solution:  Public Library. But the Library is closed. Computer Upgrade.  I am now Obsessed.  Known & Unknown.

I am squatting & I feel like my father after the Divorce.  Except there is no steak & eggs for breakfast.  It is a cold & lonely feeling.  Born alone/Die alone.  Just me & the dog:  the black fell terrier that i feed & walk twice-a-day and that is not even my dog.  

The Storm is over now & I guarantee you people will be acting like nothing ever happened.  nothing was ever occupied.  & your fat ass is still fat.  & your neighbors are all addicted to prescription pills. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.  Hope you watched the Queen of Versailles.  Hope you kept the Battle Hymn of the Republic on repeat.  & I sincerely Hope that you kept Love in your Heart.  I think the nexxxt-time you see me I will be on the Mountaintop.