Monday, November 30, 2009

the shortlist.

  • shannon wright. "honeybee girls" (MP3) (vicious circle)
  • samara lubelski. "future slip" (MP3) [estactic Peace!]
  • oneohtrix point never. "zones without people" (CD-R) [arbor]
  • flying lotus. "l.a. 2" EP (MP3) [warp]
  • bats for lashes. "two suns" (MP3) [astralwerks]
  • h.n.y. "dead in a year" (CS) [goaty tapes]
  • big quarters. "from the home of brown babies & white mothers" (CD) [big quarters direct]
  • white rainbow. "new clouds" (MP3) [kranky]
  • broadcast & the focus group. "broadcast and the focus group investigate witch cults of the radio age" (MP3) [warp]
  • memory tapes. "seek magic." (MP3) [sincerely yours]
  • boom blaster. "boom blaster." (12") [rephlex]
  • oneida. "rated o" (MP3) [brah]
  • andy stott. "night jewel" (12") [modern love]
  • zaimph/jenny graf. "live @ utmarken 03-15-09" (CS) [Utmarken]
  • a sunny day in glasgow. "ashes grammar" (LP) [mis ojos discos]

Friday, November 27, 2009

UpstairsCDR. "Screwheadz KGB Mix Tape 2009."

just another brief reminder that Oneohtrixxx Point Never/UpstairsCD-R/Daniel Lopatin pretty much pwned 2009.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009

human pyramids.

i know it is kind of inherently lame to blog about a blog , but you gotta check out lexie mountain's HUMANPYRAMIDS blod. it is brilliant. she interviews people (ostensibly) from B'more, ruminates on David Lee Roth and post pictures of human beings engaged in various pyramid formations. & there is an occasional personal narrative post also.

i would love to write a book called The Dao of Lexie Mountain: it would be part meta-biographie, part aughties social historie and part incoherent rambling; however, the lexie mountain blog is like ten times better than that would be anyway.

okay peace

Thursday, November 05, 2009