Saturday, February 28, 2009

the column.

The children are away dreaming, but the Empire has no place for dreams and it's Adults Only in here tonight...
-Thomas Pynchon. Gravity's Rainbow. page 135.

America thrives on running crises & binary tensions. Yes. Default on the mortgage & Declare bankruptcy. Move west & re-invent yrself. an American phoenix driving a shiny new Buick. Fine. Yes. It is possible. It will take some time. It will not happen overnite. But In America. Anything is Possible...

And yet. the Esurient America Maw is large & desperate. these are sad times. very sad. i stand by that. as Mr. Lif once said, "You're a dead man fucking with American dough..." the Esurient America Maw needs to feed, its huge white belly needs to be pampered w/ "buffet Chinese food" & cheapwaterybeer. change is all well and good. fine: BUTWHATHAVEYOUDONEFORME LATELY?

Remembering mindlessly optimistic naive times past, the mere thought of boredomseemed counterintuitively heretical. but now? boredomseems almost like a welcomed sanctuary. yes. a sanctuary. & not the suburbanboredombliss of Updike & Cheever (i had no IDEA Cheever was gay...) becuz at least those guys had Johnnie Walker & the cheapthrillseekingrush of dangerous liaisoned extramartial interstices. but no. no sir. it is the grownandsexxxy sublime boredom of a limp cock, classical music and "adult sanity." & other things. common things. the boredom of small things. a holy grail quest for new stimuli seems almost counterproductive and unnecessary. vaginal rejuvenation seems almost absurb: my brain is like a worn-out whore past itself prime. i "need" only chocolate ice-cream & Cafe Bustelo--

But yeah. Black Moth Super Rainbow. WTF? How did i sleep on this? & they have been around for a while now??? it makes me kind of mad i did not know about them before. like 5 years ago.

Perhaps. Maybe. I am. Possessed of a chaotic mind that moves from one obsession to the next... Here are five design-related blods & bacon boards i enjoyed in February: