Friday, October 31, 2008

the column.

Alright. So. 2008 is almost in the bag. Both a U. S. election & Daylight Savings Time loom, respectively. It is what it is.

The being of consciousness & noise is relative and free. Another world. An Imagined Countercarthographie™. Hell is Other People: A Global Monoculture of Macbooks & Passatwagons. To paraphrase Chuck D: I like DESIGN but wait a minute... EVERYTHING IS HYPOTHETICAL. Distortion to static. Give me analog or give me death. Cognac & Cloves cigarettes as a necessary anagelsic to perform drones? I know you know devotion: that JoMF mantra repeatedly rings mods thru the left & right channels of my brain and I don't even LIKE JoMF!!! It is what it is--

One the highlights of this fall, and probably this year, was seeing Hal McGee perform @ Le Chateau Noir this October. Acta Non Verba in full EFX. Equal parts didactic fury & inspirational promptings. Definitely worth walking two miles from the MARTA station carrying a sleeping bag to attend. The show in general was an amalgam of weirdo blues folk, power electronics, womyn take back the noise, DJ culture and fluxus demonstration. Really awesome to see on a school nite. (Now I want croissants...)

I spent last nite getting acquainted w/ the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai. It has a slight learning curve. Or rather, if you are both unfamiliar w/ delay and looping pedals and a complete fucking nimrod like I am, then it has a slight learning curve. But plowing thru the manual alleviates the learning curve and then things become both intuitive and fun. (I give you everything I feel inside.)

Hmmm. Let's see. Speaking of conspicuous consumption, I bought a 3-pack of Field Notes Memo Books, a 2009 Slingshot Organizer from Whoop! Distro, Sharpie Pens & black Dixon Ticonderoga pencils from Wal-Mart & Office Max, respectively. I think I bought some black duct tape and rubber cement too. Or something. Then I went into the garage and realized I have a lot of stationary paper and pencils and index cards in boxes. Why I have all of these stationary delights, when I spent most of my time jacking off to big girl porn, is way beyond my level of comprehension? But alas...

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, 2008 World Series Champions!!! Thank God the Chicago Cubs couldn't beat the well-managed Los Angeles Dodgers: fuck those losers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

the shortlist.

  • gas - "nah und fern" (MP3) [Kompakt]
  • portishead - "third" (CD) [Mercury]
  • social junk - "concussion summer" (LP) [Not Not Fun]
  • big quarters & mux mool - "fall in love EP" (MP3) [Big Quarters Direct]
  • v/a - "trunculence" (7") [No Part of It]
  • hubcap city/melissa lonely - "split cassette" (CS) [Ashton Velvet]
  • emeralds/tusco terror - "christmas tape 2007" (CS) [Embassy]
  • jean grae - "jeanius" (MP3) [Blacksmith]
  • ananda project - "moment before dreaming" (12") {Nite Grooves]
  • rajio - "cast your pure eyes" (CD-R) [Tiny Kraken]
  • mahjongg - "kontpab" (MP3) [K]
  • hal mcgee - "beagle and dachshund" (CS) [Hal Tapes]
  • indian jewelry - "sangles redux" (MP3) [Skinny Wolves]
  • malachi constant - "live at the turf club 5/31/08" (MP3) [the INTERNET]