Thursday, July 31, 2008

the column.

Hair Police. "Blow Out Your Blood." FF0172. The first noise release i ever bought. Its sitting in the 5 DISC CD CHANGER now. Haven't listened to it yet but i usually give it an annual spin when i go thru my CD's, annually. Apparently, the Freedom From mogul believes Merbow is not the best introduction for noise n00biez , Ipse dixit. And its funny. It was this CD and THEN hearing the Merzbow box-set on Thanksgiving on Georgia Tech's WREK 91.1, i think 2003 or 2004, is what clicked for me. Anyway. I should probably write a detailed personal narrative about it, sometime soon--

So. Peter J. Woods is the artist formerly known as RAPERIES (LIKE DRAPERIES). I am sure the J. stands for 'Johnson." And Two Dead Sluts One Good Fuck has a recently releaed album out on Apop records. I know the names but I really have not listened to either, excepting recent Youtube & Myspace expeditions. Nonetheless, last Sunday morning b/w spillover insomnia & the Sunday shows, I thought to myself, "Why can't I come up w/ a provocatively salacious name like that." Then i did. But its basically gonna be a parody of how harsh noise & power electronics people take themselves SO SERIOUSLY. But who knows? I am so fucking lazy and i already have so many half-assed unfinished "projects" so this one seems more like wishful thinking and it probably won't see the light of day...

Emeralds "Solar Bridge" is good. I'm waiting for it to come out on vinyl. I really like the direction that they are going and I'm really slowly beginning to understand the burgeoning trend of synths in noise. I mean I'm sure it was always there to begin w/ but now it seems more prominent, becuz honestly you can do way more w/ a sythesizer that you can w/ a circuit bent speak & spell. I think???

FYI: Ableton Live 7 doesn't not run on Windows Me.

Anyway. Summer is almost over. August is a forgone fait accompli in my mind, more or less. I still long for "autumnal narcissism" and i can't wait 'til it gets cold & dark. And football starts. I think I may do a column entitled: "Masturbation, Malaise & Monday Nite Football." Which was actually supposed to be for a magazine called "Dude Life," but that never got off the ground. Anyway. This Brett Favre dramaturgy. I mean come on. Every summer now there has to be some sort of NFL monarchial soap opera or something like Michael Vick getting locked up or T. O. has to be on some sort of Desperate Housewife shit or something (remember him crying after the Cowboys lost to the Giants AT HOME!!! after going 13-3???). And seriously I mean this: To all NFL stars & rappers pliz get a "mule" to do your dirty work for you, "take charges" and be the fall guy for other tawdry bullshit. And PLIZ hire some sort of Hamilton Jordan-esque personal assistant that will handle all of your affairs and becalm the baby mamas et cetera. Also, if anyone knows Naomi Campbell pliz tell her i will be her personal assistant and i will stash her coke and she can throw cell phones at me ALL SHE WANTS i don't care.


Oh yes I kept reading and seeing commercials for this "Brideshead Revisited" movie or what have you. I just hope its as good as the book or the original movie w/ Jeremy Irons (his first role i think). And I am not trying to sound all faggoty or anything but how can you top Jeremy Irons looking all yummy & British & shit? No you can't I'm sorry. But pliz read this book BEFORE you see this movie pliz!!! This would be a good movie to take your girlfriend (or life partner: peace to Mayor Gavin Newsom...) to see if its good, but if it sucks it should have just been on that crappy-ass version of Masterpiece Theater that PBS has now. Tevs...

Ah yes. The fourth of July was okay. I stayed at home and ate burnt corn dawgz & tatter-tots. That evening I did about an hour of stationary biking on the porch and listened to Nirvana's "Bleach" on the Sony Discman. Summertime in the South is interesting. The nocturnal insect sounds are interesting.

But yeah... here is a list a stuff i want:

+Sirkut White Noise Generator
+Flower Electronics Battery Powered Noise Generator
+Atomo Labs Mochika Synth
+King Capital Punishment Utopia Synth
+Digitech RP-150
+Fender Blender
+Danelectro Sitar Swami
+Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man
+Grendel Drone Commander
+Roland MV-8000
+Ensoniq DP/4+
+Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb Rack
+Korg Electribe EM-1
+vintage Intercom system
+decent Turntable

+Penguin By Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005
+Hamburger Eyes: Inside Burgerworld Book
+Fowler's Modern English Usage
+Cody Hudson: Save My Life Book
+Behind The Beat Book
+Spacemen 3 & the Birth of Spiritualized
+Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy

okay aidos bye-bye...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

sustaining language.

for language headz, native peep and those that like to kiss: here. blog post of calendar photo i scanned here.

a little late i know, but maybe i should not take any more breaks from the INTERNET.

david truer is a university of minnesota professor, decent novelist, princeton grad, fulbright scholar and major-league asshole. why he isn't a household name in america now is beyond me?