Sunday, August 31, 2008

the column.

usually the last day of august, and not the autumnal equinox, signals the end of the summer for me. it was a good, safe, sober, conservative & informative summer i must say. the first one i've had probably since 1999. a very lazy summer...

apparently there is a 2-6 week noise label mailorder standard. its just how it is. so be patient. but if you cannot be patient, try to order from labels that ship out the same day/week, buy from distros & record stores, cop releases while artists are on tour or file-sharing. this has always worked wonders for me & I have never had any problems. i guess this is how i've always done it, w/ respect to "music consumption." tevs: FREE HBO FOR EVERYBODY!!!

i recently listened to a bedroom improvisation tape made last winter. I was really pleased w/ most of side A. I was really happy w/ the drone parts becuz i am more or less still obsessed w/ drone and "black ambient" stuff. Just really kind of pleased I pulled that off. The aspects I was most displeased w/ were the panning & moving on right before hitting sweet spots. which definitely is like getting off before your partner does. from your partners perspective. Nonetheless, there are some good loops on there & material that can be built upon, so I'm happy about that. There is also an drone improvisation using Bidule, which was my first & only time successfully using computer software.

Fall also ushers forth more than a few "fests." wish i had my shit together, otherwise I would be attending all of them. I'll more than likely be at Freedumb Fest S11, S12 & S13. wish I were going to these:
MegaHz Experimental & Noise Festival O12 & O13. Milwaukee Noise Fest S25, S26, & S27. & Saint Louis Noise Fest O17, O18, &019. In Europa: Colour Out of Space S5. S6, & S7. Winkstock S13. Ultra Eczema Festival S20

Also. Gear Pron is just really really gross. Gear Pron & Googling is probably nastier than a rock or ice addiction. Everything i have is used gear: Ebay/Thrift Store/Garage Sale/Pawn shop et cetera. I even have sort of a (brand) new gear phobia; however, there are a few things I may have to buy I the future new becuz it would be next to impossible to get it used or on ebay. Anyhow, here area few things that I want:

Gear Wish List Addendum:
  • LSDJ + Nanoloop
  • Roland SP-808
  • Peavey Musician 400 amp head
  • Audible Disease Convulsion CN-2
  • Boss Slicer SL-20
  • Bend Matrix
  • Kaoss Pad KP3
okay adios bye-bye...

(RIP Adam Nodelman...)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hip-hop nostalgia.

miss the days when you had the choice b/w tape, compact disk and vinyl. but now? depending on what of genre or "genres" of music you listen to, it is still very easy to acquire two different formats together, but rare is the case to cop the tape/CD/vinyl trifecta. i most certainly hate using the term 'niche market,' so i won't: let's just say i miss my Compton's Most Wanted teeshirt and my 4080 magazines very very much. and i will leave it at that...

i stumbled upon unkut whilst reading a hipster-rap "controversy" article a while back. THIMK was found linked from unkut's post re: A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" demo versions. unkut i must say is just like a earlyninetieseastcoastgoldenerapeterpanwetdream, especially interview & anecdote-wise. THIMK has pretty much like every worthwhile Source magazines available for download (as a RAR file, which i hate. i'm also not sure if they are PDF files or what evercuz i didn't d/l them...). THIMK almost makes me wanna go into the "box of tapes" & start uploading a few mixtapes & obscure singles myself; but alas...

also. i saw on like CNN or some other bullshit about how Senator Obama lived in NYC during creme de la creme hip-hop years, but apparently all he was sort of study monk and such, however i don't see how you could just block all of that out, especially in New York City, especially in the 1980's.

alright. enough for now--

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

big quarters - medium zach gear.

++GEAR LIST++++++++++
[I live in a two bedroom apt with my girl so one of the rooms is my studio. In this list is everything I use quite often in my work.]

  • DIGI 002 Rack
  • 150 Gig LaCie External Harddrive
  • PowerMac G5
  • 2 Flat screen Samsung Computer monitors
  • Pro Tools 7.0
  • Reason 4.0
  • Guitar Rig
  • Vokator
  • GarageBand

  • Ensoniq ASR 10 rackmount sampler/sequencer (my baby, all beats start here)
  • Zip Drive
  • KaySound Midi Controller Keyboard

  • Steel string Acoustic Guitar
  • Alto Saxaphone
  • Wurlitzer (just got it, havent recorded it yet)
  • Thumb Guitar/Piano
  • Recorder
  • Shakers
  • and other nik naks, i collect small instruments

  • GrooveTube Condenser Mic GT-66
  • Two Screened Popper Stopper
  • DR Pro Mic Stand (one of my newest additions. it is awesome, makes recording lying down on my couch possible.)
  • ART two channel tube mic preamplifier
  • Shure SM-57 for instruments
  • M Audio BX5a Deluxe Studiophile Monitors

  • Numark PT-01 portable turntable
  • About 3500 records, all of them except for 6 crates fit on my expedit shelf from ikea, alphabetized and organized by artist.
  • PVC pipe structure holding up sound blankets to soak up sound
  • couch
  • chair
  • fan

Monday, August 11, 2008

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